Empowering Ecosystems Rooted in Equity and Rich in Culture.


Imagine a world where historically disadvantaged communities are fully enfranchised and moved to economic prosperity.

Democracy entrepreneurship, inclusive innovation, and that which lies in between are the ground for which the Foundation for Social Impact (a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization) stands. We believe it is critically important to resource a culture of civic and economic participation in underrepresented communities to erect and sustain viable, 21st century ecosystems.

Generating equity requires closing the civic and entrepreneurship participation gaps.

Public policy creates the material conditions for many people. For this reason, a second outfit, the Social Impact Action Fund (a 501(c)4 tax exempt non-profit organization), exists to engage in direct advocacy to improve the public policy that shapes social and economic conditions for underrepresented communities.


We support programs and initiatives that activate the civic participation of persons irrespective of gender, race, or socioeconomic status. When more people are equipped with modern technology, tools, and resources, and information, such participation can yield an improved quality of life, more equitable policies in our public institutions, and a better, more inclusive democracy.


We support the development of smart and inclusive innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems, engaging underserved businesses and entrepreneurs of all walks through mentorship, data-driven curriculum, access to information, and access to capital. Innovation plays an integral role in the economic viability that enables communities to thrive.

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Without equity there is no justice.
Without innovation there is no progress.

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