Spriingdale, AR

Amber Mendez

Ambar is a first generation immigrant from Mexico, a DACA recipient and a realtor from Fayetteville, Arkansas. As a REALTOR in Arkansas, Ambar recognizes the unfair, ugly and gray area tiptoeing that have prevented undocumented Arkansans, women and people of color from creating a foundation to buy and rent property in this state. Arkansas legislation provides no protection to renters, and this has created an ecosystem in the housing market that has largely benefited out of state property management companies, the local wealthy that were given property as inheritance and current legislators that are landlords. With the pandemic, this issue has grown at an unprecedented rate where our communities are being pushed further from their work and their children’s schools.

Her goal and program will not only educate the community, but also create a coalition with professionals in the field that want to see these things change; people that don’t just see these individuals as commission checks, but as humans. The coalition and program would also work to bring to light legislators that are benefitting from not allowing renter rights in the state and work to highlight the REALTOR board mandates that prevent professionals to work in the field without signing to and giving money to these commissions that then lobby against the renter rights.
This program and coalition would benefit Arkansans across the rural areas, as well as the larger cities. Undocumented Arkansans, women and people of color shouldn’t have to move out of the state or 40+ minutes from their jobs only because they are being pushed out by investors, professionals and legislators that don’t see the long term effects and imbalance this would create for several generations into the future.