Little Rock, AR

Kai Wright

Kai is a 5th Generation Washingtonian, now living in Central Arkansas attending her last year at Philander Smith College. Kai’s focus is to create a 501(c)(3) in Arkansas called TwinSpire Children. She believes that African- American children are disproportionately exposed to the STEM field. Many children from lower socio-economic backgrounds do not have an idea of the tangibility that comes with the STEM career field. This undoubtedly limits the scope that our children face in regards to what their future can look like. TwinSpire Children is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization founded by she and her twin sister. They are a group of now young adults that have served the metropolitan Washington, D.C area for years by feeding the homeless, reading to children, making donations, and more. Kai’s sister and her are both STEM majors, her sister is studying to be a civil engineer and Kai has aspirations to be a cybersecurity analyst as she is in the last year of her computer science degree. It wasn't until she switched from the public school system to a private high school that she was introduced to the STEM field and the careers available. The goal is that as they grow, so will the service to the community. That is where the program idea 'Just Like Me', was envisioned. It is a mentorship after-school program that we would like to implement in schools as an extra-curricular program. The goal is to close the gap of late exposure and empower young girls with the tool of representation. Kai wants to make the careers tangible and accessible, and believes the first step is mentorship.