Elaine, AR

Lisa Hicks Gilbert

Lisa is from Elaine, Arkansas. As a direct descendant from victims of the Elaine Massacre, she is working to reclaim the work, story-gathering and historical narrative around the Elaine Massacre that happened in Arkansas on September 30, 1919. She is also moving to address the transgenerational trauma and the social economic injustices left in its wake, pushing for the creation of a museum, and creating entrepreneurial programs to help her community. Lisa works to reclaim the history as descendants of the victims of the Elaine Massacre and ensures that they are at the table when decisions are being made. She wants to make sure her ancestor's stories are being told, and is also tackling community issues such as the lack of broadband internet, fresh foods, lack of quality housing and water issues. Lisa is leading organizing efforts in all current projects that are being addressed in collaboration with other community organizations.