Little Rock, AR

Maximiliano Dominguez

Maxi is from Little Rock, Arkansas and is the creative mind behind La Rosa Collective. La Rosa Collective’s purpose is to develop profound frameworks of community support through education, programming and engagement that leads to sustainable community incubation within the creative and entrepreneurial communities. Maxi finds that there is a social gap and lack of support in these spaces. Many institutions lack the infrastructures of sustaining newfound members who seem to utilize various resources (lack of effective incubation) leading to a larger turnover of creatives and entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas simply to a lack of support. He addresses that problem through strategic partnering and grassroots momentum; enabling as a bridge through these social gaps as a way to expand a range of current resources, but by also creating our own. His goal is to foster community in the most profound way possible. For Maxi, success is measured through the lives that have been positively impacted. He plans to expand social awareness and narrative on the current gaps within the creative and entrepreneurial ecosystems as a means to this larger mission. He will nurture ideas into the aspiring ways of those seeking to bring those to life. Through community engagement and strategic partnering, Maxi’s goal is to pave a path for those who feel they don’t have one.